Tesla Model S Train Track Jump


We made worldwide news once again with our video analysis of the September 2018 train track jump incident in Barrie, Ontario, Canada involving a Tesla Model S. This analysis, conducting with Virtual CRASH 4, involved estimating the horizontal travel distance between two line-of-sight intersection points of the Tesla as it was airborne. The time interval during which the Tesla traveled between these two intersection points was estimated by using a frame-by-frame analysis of the video itself. From this information, we were able to obtain an estimate for Tesla’s minimum launch speed. Our work was featured in sites such as Popular Mechanics Russia, Autoblog.md, Joinfo.ua, and AutoExpert.md.

Using the Google Earth feature in Virtual CRASH 4, we were even able to incorporate a terrain polygon mesh based on Google’s terrain elevation database. Using this polygon mesh, and our minimum launch speed estimate, Virtual CRASH 4 correctly simulated the projectile motion of the Tesla Model S!

Here we see, based on Google Earth elevation data, Virtual CRASH 4 predicts the Tesla launched along a 5 degree incline.

Our full analysis can be seen below:

Crash Animation Studios