a repairman’s momentary loss of focus turns deadly for tractor-trailer driver


Brent Barton, Barton Trail Attorneys, Newport, OR


He was simply driving straight ahead on the highway when his life was cut short due to an inattentive driver. Driving a logging truck in the “bunk’s up” configuration, the deceased was hit head-on by a utility truck. The utility truck driver claimed to have been caught by surprised by a logging truck directly ahead of him making a right-hand turn, causing him to make a last-second avoidance maneuver which lead to the loss of control of his truck and ultimately the head-on collision itself.

This was quite a complex collision sequence involving a few vehicles and many witnesses. Brent Barton of Barton Trail Attorneys hired the Crash Animation Studios team to help visualize his expert’s opinions in the case. Working closely with forensic engineer John Myers of AFI Associates, we were able to construct an animation which matched Mr. Myers’ opinions in the case.

Mr. Barton brought together a large team of collaborators for this case, including private investigators; AFI Associates; Crash Animation Studios; and ToPa 3D, who performed 3D laser scans of the accident scene and took UAV imagery for photogrammetry studies.


ToPa 3D performed a photogrammetric analysis on the UAV imagery and produced an “orthomosaic” image (i.e., a mosaic of the individual deskewed UAV images).


Using the point cloud data, our team was able to construct a 3D terrain mesh by fitting polygons to the road surface datapoints. Using the orthomosaic image, we were able to colorize our terrain mesh. Our 3D animation environment was completely built using the Virtual CRASH software application.

Placing vehicles in our 3D environment, we were able to create an animation closely following Mr. Meyer’s accident reconstruction analysis.

An Overview of the Event

For a multi-vehicle accident of this complexity, having an overhead view depicting the full accident sequence and the accident reconstruction expert’s theory is crucial. In this case, a few seconds of video demonstrate how easily avoidable this tragedy was.

The case successfully settled at mediation for a confidential amount.

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