Trip and fall


Rolando J. Santiago, RJS Law Group, Apollo Beach, FL


Caretakers of a salvage yard were awoken to see a garbage truck arriving to empty a large garbage dumpster. As the garbage truck maneuvered to access the dumpster, it impacted with a portion of the caretakers’ camper in which they lived. As the camper rotated from impact, one of the caretakers lost her balance, causing one of her feet to become trapped by a step. She fell to the ground and sustained head and leg injuries as a result. Biomechanics expert Linda Weseman, P.E. (now retired) of Weseman Engineering, was hired on the case by the RJS Law Group, and tasked the Crash Animation Studios team with creating a visual aid to help depict the scenario to assist her during testimony.

This case successfully settled for a confidential amount.

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