Six-figure jury verdict: Red light runner causes T-Bone crash


Rolando J. Santiago, RJS Law Group, Apollo Beach, FL


A driver on his way home from work was t-boned by an air condition repair person who ran a red light as he exited the interstate. Without witnesses, the case became a “he said, he said” scenario, and thus was a hotly contested liability issue for attorney Rolando Santiago of the RJS Law Group. Our assignment in this case was to create a simple top-down animation to assist testifying expert Linda Weseman, P.E. (now retired) of Weseman Engineering; Ms. Weseman, who also performed an injury causation analysis, requested that the Crash Animation Studio team produce an occupant kinematics visualization so that the head contact within the cabin could be easily explained during testimony.

The jury returned a six-figure verdict in favor of the plaintiff.

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